Thursday, March 12, 2015

Just to clarify

I said yesterday that I thought I hated writing.
I wanted to clarify.

I hate writing like I hate running. It's a pain to start, hard to keep momentum, and can sometimes feel like I'm doing it all wrong, BUT at the end of the day I'm glad I did it.

I think writing everyday during an obnoxiously busy month has caused me to dislike writing. It had become one more thing on my to-do list to check off. It's no longer something fun it's a chore.

I think I will challenge myself to write another month when I'm not teaching, planning a wedding, buying a house, dealing with my brother's wedding, and attempting to have a social life. I want to want to write again. Right now I need a break.


  1. You do have a lot going on right now! March seems to typically be a busy month for me as well - right when the slicing challenge rolls around. Other than summer months though, I think most months would feel this way. I liked the idea of NaNoWriMo, but I have never been able to actually pull it together and commit to writing a novel in November. Then I thought about doing it a "slower" month, but that never happened either.

    Anyway, I think your thoughts are fairly typical, but I think that by saying something - anything every day for a month, even when it feels like a chore like you did can be helpful in the long run. I am glad that you decided to do this challenge even in a challenging time of your life time wise. It will be fun for you to look back on someday and remember how it felt to be in the mix of so many big life events!

  2. Meagan, I miss seeing your slices. I just saw this slice and thought you would like to see, being able to relate to it feeling hard to slice every day, especially when life is so busy:

    I hope that you will slice again soon.