Monday, March 2, 2015

Slice of Life Day 2: When your dog is lazier than you are

Just about a year and a half ago my fiance, Tim, and I adopted a little brown dog. I say brown dog because he is a mutt (some mixture of lab, hound, terrier, goodness knows what else). His name is Geordi and he is my little baby booger (he actually responds to the name Booger now which Tim hates).

He's a lot bigger now than he is in that picture. Geordi weighs about 60lbs now. He is a smart stinker too.

So, this morning on my slightly unexpected snow day I got up to walk him a little later than I usually do, which I knew would not be a problem since Geordi has become quite used to sleeping in with all our snow days recently.

As I'm pulling on my boots, gloves, and jacket I'm calling for him to get out of bed. Nothing. Doesn't budge.

So I grab a bag of treats and rattle them around calling for him to come here, saying it was time to out. Nothing, just sits there and yawns in my face.

Then Tim tries to help. He gets up and offers Geordi a treat. So this time Geordi gets up and lumbers off the bed. We praise him profusely for getting out of bed, almost like when a student never does homework finally turns something in.

I turn to grab his leash and the little stinker hops right back up into the bed and curls up. So there I am fully dressed in my layers of winter weather gear trying to now physically pry my 60lb dog off the bed so he can go use the potty. I finally am able to get some leverage and pry him from the warm covers, and this time I remembered the leash. I was victorious!

Now we are both tucked back up in bed watching the ice melt.


  1. He look so precious sleeping there. I can't believe he tried to go back to sleep. My Bella was like that for a bit when she was younger, but now she leaps out of bed in the morning. Enjoy your snow day!

  2. There I times I wish I had that problem! My dogs never want to sleep in. The latest I can get is 6:30 on weekends. Handsome boy!

  3. Hahaha! I can just imagine my 60 lb. dog doing exactly this. She is so lazy sometimes. It is interesting how she chooses whether to sleep in or not also. If I stay in bed, she sleeps in, but if I get up, she gets up with me. I wonder why she chooses not to sleep in when my husband does. Your dog is so cute!

  4. Oh my gosh! This is hilarious!! It looks like your little booger knows just what to do on a snowy winter morning. I love it!!


  5. This makes me smile in recognition - Sophie (my mutt) walks more or less whenever she wants to walk. Unfortunately.

  6. I'm glad you included a picture - such a pretty dog! I am glad that you were able to go for your walk after all. For a little bit I was worried that your dog was going to be sick. When I realized your dog just wanted to relax and be cozy, it made me smile.